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IT-Incident Management & IT-Forensics - IMF 2006, Conference Proceedings October, 18th - 19th, 2006, Stuttgart P-97, 128-143 (2006).



Oliver Göbel, Dirk Schadt, Sandra Frings, Hardo Hase, Detlef Günther, Jens Nedon (eds.)


Monitoring of incident response management performance

Maria B. Line , Eirik Albrechtsen , Stig Ole Johnsen , Odd Helge Longva and Stefanie Hillen


Monitoring the performance of incident response (IR) management is important input for improving the IR management system. A set of performance indicators, which assists monitoring in a proper way, is described regarding: the incident response management system; information security culture; number of incidents responded to; average time spent on responding; consequences of incidents; number of incidents of high loss; downtime of SCADA systems; total costs of incident response; and learning. The entire set of proposed indicators is well suited for monitoring the total incident response management of an organisation as it covers all parts of incident response management.

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