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Meta-Modelling and Ontologies, Proceedings of the 2nd Workshopon Meta-Modelling, WoMM 2006 P-96, 141-156 (2006).



Saartje Brockmans, Jürgen Jung, York Sure (eds.)


Meta-modeling and meta-CASE tools - A silver bullet for model-driven hmidevelopment?

Bock C.


Due to the increasing complexity of automotive human-machine interfaces (HMI) the development of appropriate user interfaces requires powerful development processes as well as easy-to-use software tools. However, in comparison to domains like embedded system development suitable software tool kits are missing in the field of HMI development. Actually meta-modeling and domain-specific languages represent many promising beginnings to create non-generic tool support for individual modeling tasks. Therefore, this paper presents a model-driven HMI development process and describes the utilization of visual domain-specific languages in this process. Thereby experiences with using current meta-CASE tools as well as standard office applications for creating electronic specifications are presented. Based on these experiences requirements for future meta-CASE tools are derived. The suggested enhancements could pave the way to increased acceptance of model-driven approaches among HMI developers and could consequently allow for overcoming today's urging challenges in complex networked development processes.

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