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Meta-Modelling and Ontologies, Proceedings of the 2nd Workshopon Meta-Modelling, WoMM 2006 P-96, 125-140 (2006).



Saartje Brockmans, Jürgen Jung, York Sure (eds.)


Consequences of meta-model modifications withinmodel configuration management

Weller J. and Esswein W.


Today, conceptual models are intensively used in the information systems discipline. They can support the development and adaptation of software systems as well as the (re-)design of organizations. As conceptual models change during their lifetime, there is a need to manage different version of models. Thus in the past years, findings in software configuration management has been transferred to the conceptual modeling field. In this paper, we will assign the experiences made in model configuration management to the meta-modeling field. We discuss consequences of meta-model modifications and analyze the process of migrating related conceptual models to a modified meta-model version.

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