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Meta-Modelling and Ontologies, Proceedings of the 2nd Workshopon Meta-Modelling, WoMM 2006 P-96, 109-124 (2006).



Saartje Brockmans, Jürgen Jung, York Sure (eds.)


Metamodel for annotations of ontology elements in OWL DL

Vrandecic D. , Völker J. , Haase P. , Tran T. and Cimiano P. A


OWL DL puts several constraints on the possibilities to talk about the elements of an ontology. In particular, it is not possible to make statements about the axioms of an ontology or to make higher-order statements about the classes and properties of an ontology. This lack of expressiveness may cause problems throughout the whole lifecycle of an ontology, and especially in its practical usage. In this paper we discuss different approaches to overcome these problems. We propose a metamodel for OWL DL that allows to express statements about ontology elements, including axioms. We further describe three possible groundings of the metamodel in OWL DL and present a number of tools which we developed to support the user in working with these models. Finally, we describe some use cases for the practical application of our approach.

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