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EMISA 2006 Methoden, Konzepte und Technologien für die Entwicklung von dienstbasierten Informationssystemen, Beiträge des Workshops der GI-Fachgruppe EMISA (Entwicklungsmethoden für Informationssystemeund deren Anwendung) P-95, 147-162 (2006).



Christian Hochberger, Rüdiger Liskowsky (eds.)


A business process-centered approach for modeling enterprise architectures

T. Schreiter and G. Laures


Mastering an Enterprise Architecture is crucial for the entire enterprise to operate most efficiently. However, there is a lack of appropriate means to appropriately visualize and communicate traceability from business processes to other enterprise architectural entities such as e.g. the supporting IT infrastructure. Therefore, systematic in-depth analysis of the entire Enterprise Architecture is barely feasible. This paper aims to introduce a semi-formal and business process-centered modeling approach for capturing complex Enterprise Architectures based on the wellestablished modeling techniques BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) and UML (Unified Modeling Language). A meta model formalizing the approach is presented. It is feasible to apply customizable views tailored to stakeholder-specific concerns providing standardized levels of abstraction to the model in order to improve communication of the big picture of an Enterprise Architecture. A case study illustrates the approach.

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