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INFORMATIK 2006, Informatik für Menschen, Band 2, Beiträge der 36. Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), 2. - 6. Oktober 2006 in Dresden P-94, 353-362 (2006).



Christian Hochberger, Rüdiger Liskowsky (eds.)


Description and lookup of media-stream adaptation services

Andreas Schorr , Franz Hauck and Andreas Kassler


In this paper, we propose a new application of RDF that enables the description of services offered by so-called media-stream adaptation nodes (MSANs). An MSAN can manipulate a stream by changing media format and quality on-the-fly during an ongoing streaming process. An accurate description of the offered services is necessary, because different clients may have very specific requirements that cannot be fulfilled by every MSAN. In this paper, we propose an RDF-based vocabulary that enables an MSAN to provide such an accurate description of its services. We also demonstrate how clients can formulate search queries to find a services provider that fulfills their specific requirements.

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