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AIM 2006, Information Systems and Collaboration: State of the Art and Perspectives, Best Papers of the 11 th International Conference of the Association Information and Management (AIM), LuxembourgJune 8-9, 2006 P-92, 259-267 (2006).



Fernand Feltz, Benoît Otjacques, Andreas Oberweis, Nicolas Poussing (eds.)


Service-oriented support of cooperative workflows considerations for urbanplanning processes

J. L. Müller , G. Zhang , J. -Ch. Lapayre and P. Müller


Web-based information sources have evolved to an essential element in our daily and professional life. To process this faster and faster growing amount of information, web portals provide personalized access to specific information and communication services. In this paper, an example from urban planning is given. In this workflow, different actors are interacting in an ad-hoc manner. Therefore, a Portal Architecture has been built up, which provides the relevant information. This paper proposes a Service Orientated Architecture to provide access to business processes, software applications and hardware resources in a workflow oriented way.

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