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AIM 2006, Information Systems and Collaboration: State of the Art and Perspectives, Best Papers of the 11 th International Conference of the Association Information and Management (AIM), LuxembourgJune 8-9, 2006 P-92, 69-82 (2006).



Fernand Feltz, Benoît Otjacques, Andreas Oberweis, Nicolas Poussing (eds.)


Cross-channel cooperation: a collaborative approach of integrating online andoffline business models

T. Kollmann and M. Häsel


Due to the increasing use of e-business technologies, the corresponding Net Economy has evolved into an established trade level. It is characterized by numerous entrepreneurial ventures equipped with innovative online business models. Technological advance and changes in customer behaviour implicate that the physical and the electronic trade level are increasingly used complementarily. In order to be successful on both trade levels, traditional firms and Internet-based ventures inevitably need to approach each other. In this paper, we argue that collaborative concepts represent a promising way of meeting the resulting requirements. Crosschannel cooperation enables firms to integrate online and offline business models without extending themselves beyond their own means or competencies. Building upon marketand resource-based considerations, we argue why and how cross-channel cooperation contributes to competitive

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