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Pragmatic Web, Proceedings of the First International Conference on the Pragmatic Web, 2006, 21-23 September 2006, Stuttgart, Germany P-89, 139-152 (2006).



Mareike Schoop, Aldo De Moor, Jan Dietz (eds.)


Architecture of a semantic portal on mobile business

Ilja Krybus and Karl Kurbel


Portals on the web are important public sources of information for expert knowledge. They function as powerful gateways that consolidate access and organize information. Existing web technologies provide the means which most current web portals apply. However, they leave some open issues that recent Semantic Web technologies promise to solve. Portals that employ semantic technologies are called semantic portals. In this paper, we present the synopsis of a semantic portal that is dedicated to distributing practical and scientific knowledge on the domain of Mobile Business. We explain the motivation, the architectural considerations, and the current portal prototype. Emphasis is placed on ontology use, request processing, and presentation. The advantages of our process-oriented and multilayered architecture approach are discussed.

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