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Pragmatic Web, Proceedings of the First International Conference on the Pragmatic Web, 2006, 21-23 September 2006, Stuttgart, Germany P-89, 38-52 (2006).



Mareike Schoop, Aldo De Moor, Jan Dietz (eds.)


A devolved ontology model for the pragmatic web

Ian Duncan Stalker and Nikolay Mehandjiev


Devolved ontology is an approach to ontology modelling and (co-) evolution which was developed in connection with agile partnerships. Inviting parallels between agile partnerships and the context of the Pragmatic Web suggest that this has potential value in realising the vision of the Pragmatic Web [SMD06]. This is especially clear in their respective uses of ontologies and in particular the demands made of supporting structures. We motivate and introduce the devolved ontology model and show how to use this to promote semantic alignment and thereby support communication.

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