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NODe 2006, GSEM 2006, Erfurt, Germany, 18-20 September 2006 P-88, 219-233 (2006).



Robert Hirschfeld, Andreas Polze, Ryszard Kowalczyk (eds.)


SLA Lifecycle Management in Services Grid- Requirements andCurrent Efforts Analysis

Andre Ludwig and Bogdan Franczyk


An important aspect of managing service-oriented grid environments is management of agreement relationships between service providers and their customers. The key concept in addressing these agreements is service level agreement. In this paper we motivate the need for SLA lifecycle management in services grid and present results of our analysis on functional and non-functional requirements. Afterwards the state of the art in managing service level agreements is revisited by a comprehensive evaluation of current efforts and their respective strength and weaknesses in service level agreement lifecycle management systems. The results of this evaluation have been applied to the development of the open management platform Adaptive Service Grid which is an EU founded research project.

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