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Lect. Notes Inform., Proc. P-86, 145-154 (2006).



Robert Krimmer (ed.)


A methodology for auditing e-voting processes and systems used at the elections for the portuguese parliament

João Falcão E. Cunha , Mário Jorge Leitão , João Pascoal Faria , Miguel Pimenta Monteiro and Maria Antónia Carravilla


In the 2005 Portuguese Parliament General Elections there were non-valid experiments of e-voting at five voting places and also through the Internet. Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto audited such experiments. Relevant security, transparency, usability and accessibility evaluation criteria and sub-criteria were defined, and an auditing procedure based on AHP was established. This paper shortly presents the methodology used, the four e-voting systems and the main results of the overall experiment. The systems could be used successfully and were extremely popular with voters. However, more information to the citizens and to the officials involved in the e-voting process would be required for a valid election. The systems also need to be improved, for instance, to make sure that the number of votes electronically cast is the same as the number of voters that were validated and actually registered to vote at any particular site on the Election Day.

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