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Business Information Systems, 9th International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS 2006), May 31-June 2 2006, Klagenfurt, Austria P-85, 442-454 (2006).



Witold Abramowicz, Heinrich C. Mayr (eds.)


Technique for reducing the number of rules in a temporal knowledge base

Maria Antonina Mach and Pawel Jan Kalczynski


A knowledge base about any domain should satisfy some basic properties. One of these properties is completeness. Assuming that a knowledge base is temporal, that is, it contains explicit time references in its rules and facts, we may face a problem of an infinite number of possible premises, as the number of temporal references (e.g. in business documents) is unlimited. A technique for reducing the number of possible rules in a temporal knowledge base is proposed in this paper. This is achieved by transforming an infinite set of possible temporal rules into a finite one by mapping an infinite set of temporal references onto a finite set, and by automatic trimming of idiomatic phrases read from business documents. The technique for reducing the number of rules is presented and illustrated by an example.

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