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Business Information Systems, 9th International Conference on Business Information Systems (BIS 2006), May 31-June 2 2006, Klagenfurt, Austria P-85, 378-391 (2006).



Witold Abramowicz, Heinrich C. Mayr (eds.)


A framework for document-driven evolution of ontology

Krzysztof Wecel


We present a framework for updating ontology as new documents arrive. The framework consists of three main layers: extraction, internal storage and refinement. In the extraction layer axioms are extracted from the text by analyzing named entities, contexts and relations. We introduce the notion of temporal axioms, i.e. the axioms that are valid in a certain time interval. This information is then used to reason about ontology evolution when those axioms are added to an ontology. We also present cases for evolution and corresponding changing axioms. In refinement layer, final ontology for a given point in time is built.

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