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Modellierung 2006, 22.-24. März 2006, Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria P-82, 297-300 (2006).



Heinrich C. Mayr, Ruth Breu (eds.)


Control-flow representation of business processes -an empirical comparison of connectors vs. Token game

Kamyar Sarshar and Peter Loos


A number of process modelling notations use connectors for the representation of the control-flow while others apply the token game. There are number of good arguments in favour as well as against each to these two ways of representing the control-flow. This contribution describes the results of an empirical comparison of these two approaches from the end-used perspective. The overall outcome of the experiment supports the assumption that notations applying connectors are superior to the token game-based notations in terms of end-user comprehension at the conceptual modelling level.

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