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Modellierung 2006, 22.-24. März 2006, Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria P-82, 269-278 (2006).



Heinrich C. Mayr, Ruth Breu (eds.)


Using object scenarios for requirements analysis- an experience report

Albert Zündorf , Jürgen Leohold , Dieter Müller , Ralf Gemmerich , Carsten Reckord , Christian Schneider and Sven Semmelrodt


This paper is an experience report applying object diagrams for requirements analysis in an industrial project in the automotive industry. The considered project has created a tool for the design of car electronic systems. This project involved an enormous amount of domain knowledge. The challenge was to involve the domain experts in the analysis, design, and implementation activities such that the transfer of domain knowledge is fostered. This paper reports on our approach to achieve this involvement and what we achieved.

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