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Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft im Wandel -Aufgaben und Herausforderungen für die Agrar und Umweltinformatik, Referate der 26. GIL Jahrestagung, 06.-08. März 2006, Potsdam P-78, 189-192 (2006).



K. -O. Wenkel, P. Wagner, M. Morgenstern, K. Luzi, P. Eisermann (eds.)


Farm Boss\textregistered - Software zur strategischen Beratung landwirtschaftlicher Betriebe

T. Münch and A. Gocht


The demand for a software system which supports and give help to administrate and to calculate different options for a real farm increased in past. This article introduces a decision support software for agricultural enterprises. In the first part of the paper the underlying general structure of the program is presented. In the reminder of the paper the technical implementations as well as the resulting financial and operating figures are discussed.

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ISBN 3-88579-172-2

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