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Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft im Wandel -Aufgaben und Herausforderungen für die Agrar und Umweltinformatik, Referate der 26. GIL Jahrestagung, 06.-08. März 2006, Potsdam P-78, 65-68 (2006).



K. -O. Wenkel, P. Wagner, M. Morgenstern, K. Luzi, P. Eisermann (eds.)


Vertrauen und E-Commerce in der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft

M. Fritz , T. Hausen , M. Canavari and G. Schiefer


Agrifood supply networks are dynamic structures where firms regularly face the need to search for new market partners. A decision for a transaction with a new partner requires appropriate control and safeguard mechanisms as well as trust to overcome perceived risk and uncertainties. Electronic transaction environments offer new potentials for the identification of new transaction partners. However, ways need to be identified to implement appropriate trust and control elements in electronic transaction environments in agrifood supply network scenarios. This paper discusses the role and mechanisms of trust and control elements in transaction decisions and options for their transfer to electronic transaction environments as well as results from empirical research.

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