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Mobile Informationssysteme -Potentiale, Hindernisse, Einsatz 1. Fachtagung Mobilität und Mobile Informationssysteme (MMS)Passau, 20.-22. Februar 2006 P-76, 144-155 (2006).



Thomas Kirste, Birgitta König-Ries, Key Pousttchi, Klaus Turowski (eds.)


Using private and public context - an approach for mobile discovery andsearch services

Thomas Butter , Sina Deibert and Franz Rothlauf


When using context information for the customization of mobile applications, privacy issues are important as users want to limit the amount of context information that is given to service providers. Therefore, this paper distinguishes between public context that the user shares with the service provider and private context that can only be used on the mobile device for the customization of mobile applications or services. This paper illustrates how context information can be used on the mobile device for the customization of results from search/discovery services. In such services, a mobile user receives a list of search results from a service provider. The goal of the presented approach is to sort the list received from the service provider in such a way that the items which are chosen by the user are with high probability at the top of the list. We propose an adaptive optimization approach that sorts the search results with respect to the user's context information and to previous choices made by the user. The approach considers the technical limitations of mobile devices and makes optimal use of the limited resources.

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