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Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures, Proceedings of the Workshop in Klagenfurt, Austria, 24.- 25. October 2005 P-75, 94-107 (2005).



Jörg Desel, Ulrich Frank (eds.)


Visualizing join point selections using interaction-based vs. State-based notations exemplified with help of business rules

D. Stein , S. Hanenberg and R. Unland


In Aspect-Oriented Software Development, the selection of join points is an essential part. Join point selections identify the points in a program (i.e. in its code, or during its execution) at which aspectual adaptations need to take place. In order to communicate such selections independent of the underlying aspectoriented programming language, it is desirable to visualize join point selections in an appropriate way. In this paper we focus on the appropriateness of interaction diagram-based and state diagram-based visualizations of join point queries, exemplified with help of two business rule examples. As a result, we discover that even if join point queries are based on interactions in the base application, state diagram-based representations are needed to appropriately capture the selection semantic of that query.

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