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Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures, Proceedings of the Workshop in Klagenfurt, Austria, 24.- 25. October 2005 P-75, 22-35 (2005).



Jörg Desel, Ulrich Frank (eds.)


From reference model to component model

A. Albani and Johannes M. Zaha


Stable component models are an essential prerequisite for developing customer-individual business applications. Thereby the information for the identification and specification of their components is gained from domain models. Reference models constitute a potential source for building enterprisespecific domain models. Based on the analysis of existing reference models, this article shows how information available through reference models can be used for the development of stable component models. The derivation of information required for the identification and specification of reusable business components is discussed using example reference modelling techniques. Additionally, potential extensions of existing reference modelling techniques are shown.

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