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"Heute schon das Morgen sehen", 18. - 20.5.2005 , 19. DFN-Arbeitstagung ├╝ber Kommunikationsnetze in D├╝sseldorf P-73, 205-219 (2005).



Jan Von Knop, Wilhelm Haverkamp, Eike Jessen (eds.)


Role-based AAA for Service Utilization in Federated Domains

Markus Hillenbrand , Joachim G├Âtze , Jochen M├╝ller and Paul M├╝ller


The Web service specifications managing authentication and authorization are still a work in progress. A large-scale application built today is in need of a solid authentication and authorization infrastructure. A role-based authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) concept is able to provide the services needed, while it is possible to gain additional flexibility to handle the co-operation between different authentication and authorization infrastructures.

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