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Marktplatz Internet: Von e-Learning bis e-Payment, 13. Leipziger Informatik-Tage (LIT 2005), 21. - 23. September 2005, Leipzig P-72, 303-312 (2005).



Klaus P. Jantke, Klaus-Peter Faehnrich, Wolfgang S. Wittig (eds.)


Visual design and on-line verification of tabular rule-based systems with XTT

A. Ligeza and G. J. Nalepa


The paper is dedicated to presentation of a new approach to joint design and verification of rule-based systems. The principal idea is that verification should be performed on-line, incrementally, during system design. This allows for early detection and handling of knowledge base anomalies and inconsistencies. The proposed approach offers also an innovative visual tool for computer-aided design. Knowledge representation is based on eXtended Tabular Trees (XTT) a very flexible and powerful knowledge representation paradigm combining the expressive power of attributive decision tables and decision trees. Design and verification process with an XTT design tool and the visual editor is discussed.

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