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Klaus P. Jantke, Klaus-Peter Faehnrich, Wolfgang S. Wittig (eds.)


Using intelligentpad as a server-side technology

T. Endo and Y. Tanaka


This paper proposes a framework to utilize the IntelligentPad system as Web Services so as to expand the application range of our knowledge media technology. We have ever developed applications of the IntelligentPad which enable wrapping, re-editing and composing of various resources on the Web. However, to use such applications, users have to execute the IntelligentPad system on their own computers or flatten the pad applications into HTML data to use them as Web applications, and that becomes a barrier of the spread of the IntelligentPad. To facilitate the use of the IntelligentPad, we require the introduction of generic Web technologies into the IntelligentPad system in order to enable access to pad applications from generic clients such as Web browsers. In our framework, we define Web Services operations for the IntelligentPad system and implement a server for Web Services. Also, we introduce a framework to communicate between pad applications and mobile phone applications via SOAP protocol so as to expand the application range of the IntelligentPad system across mobile computing or ubiquitous computing.

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