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Component-Oriented Enterprise Applications, Proceedings of the Conference on Component-Oriented Enterprise Applications (COEA 2005), Erfurt, 20. September 2005 P-70, 87-92 (2005).



Klaus Turowski, Johannes Maria Zaha (eds.)


Experience report: appropriateness of the BCI-method for ident ifying business components in large-scale information systems

Bernhard Selk , Sebastian Kloeckner , Bettina Bazijanec and Antonia Ablani


The deployment of business components in large enterprise information systems offers great potential. Nonetheless the process of finding and defining the right business components is very challenging. While the definition of business components is comparatively simple for small business domains, it becomes very complex for larger domains of interest. This paper illustrates the experiences made during the modeling process of an integrated information system architecture for Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) with more than 500 functions and 1000 information objects under usage of the Business Component Identification (BCI)-Method. Based on this experience possible enhancements and needed extensions for the BCI-Method are proposed and explained.

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