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INFORMATIK 2005 Informatik LIVE! Band 2, Beiträge der 35 Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), 19. bis 22. September 2005 in Bonn P-68, 387-389 (2005).



Armin B. Cremers, Rainer Manthey, Peter Martini, Volker Steinhage (eds.)


Ecl@ss - the leading classification system

F. Hausmann and T. Einsporn


The exchange of product data is an essential part of e-business: product selection, business transactions, maintenance procedures etc. rely on the availability of data about products. To ensure a common understanding and a general treatment of product data, classification and dictionary systems are used to define their essential technical parameters and/or to categorize the products. The importance of classification and dictionary systems has been recognized by major companies and industry branches. Many industry organizations have started to build their own specific classification or dictionary system, and big buyers have started to force their suppliers to use them.

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