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INFORMATIK 2005 Informatik LIVE! Band 2, Beiträge der 35 Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), 19. bis 22. September 2005 in Bonn P-68, 354-358 (2005).



Armin B. Cremers, Rainer Manthey, Peter Martini, Volker Steinhage (eds.)


Quality of service for manets connected to the internet

A. J. Kassler and C. Shanshan


Ad-Hoc networks are flexible, adapt to topology changes due to mobility of nodes, and can de deployed where network infrastructure is not available. Research has been done mainly in the area of routing and for isolated Ad-Hoc networks. Some efforts are on the way to connect Ad-Hoc networks to the internet. It is however important to support QoS aware multimedia applications in this environment. A QoS architecture for Ad-Hoc networks is necessary that interworks with infrastructure based QoS approaches. Our approach extends SWAN and provides QoS support for communication between Ad-Hoc nodes and nodes located in the public internet. The gateway, which provides internet connectivity to Ad-Hoc nodes, is also responsible for QoS signaling interworking and participates in admission control decisions and traffic regulation.

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