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INFORMATIK 2005 Informatik LIVE! Band 2, Beiträge der 35 Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V. (GI), 19. bis 22. September 2005 in Bonn P-68, 17-21 (2005).



Armin B. Cremers, Rainer Manthey, Peter Martini, Volker Steinhage (eds.)


A normative language approach to the application of Petri nets for clinical workflows

K. Sarshar and P. Loos


This contribution discusses the application of Petri nets for modeling workflow in healthcare based on a normative language approach. After a brief introduction, a framework of different abstraction levels covering clinical workflow representation to workflow implementation is presented. In order to use the object Petri nets formalism for clinical workflow representation at the conceptual level of the framework, a healthcare specific net interpretation of these Petri nets is introduced which maps healthcare terms to formal object Petri net elements.

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ISBN 3-88579-397-0

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