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Information Systems Technology and ist Applications, ISTA' 2005 4th. International Conference, 23. - 25. May 2005, Palmerston North, New Zealand. GI 2005 P-63, 239-253 (2005).

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Roland Kaschek, Heinrich C. Mayr, Stephen Liddle (eds.)

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A generalized framework for an ontology-based data-extraction system

A. Wessman , S. W. Liddle and D. W. Embley


Extraction of information from semi-structured or unstructured documents, such as web pages, is a useful yet complex task. Ontologies can achieve a high degree of accuracy in data extraction while maintaining resiliency in the face of document changes. Ontologies do not, however, diminish the complexity of a data-extraction system. As research in the field progresses, the need for a modular data-extraction system that decouples the associated processes continues to grow. In this paper we report on the implementation of such a system. The nature of our framework allows new algorithms and ideas to be incorporated into a data extraction system without requiring wholesale rewrites of a large part of the system's source code. It allows researchers to focus their attention on parts of the system relevant to their research without having to worry about introducing incompatibilities with the remaining components. We demonstrate the value of the framework by providing an implementation that exhibits appropriate characteristics.

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