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Information Systems Technology and ist Applications, ISTA' 2005 4th. International Conference, 23. - 25. May 2005, Palmerston North, New Zealand. GI 2005 P-63, 114-123 (2005).

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Roland Kaschek, Heinrich C. Mayr, Stephen Liddle (eds.)

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Tool supported extraction of behavior models

C. Kop , J. Vöhringer , M. Hölbling , Th. Horn , H. C. Mayr and C. Irrasch


Information system projects often suffer from incomplete or inadequate requirements specifications. In our opinion, which is supported by practical experience, these problems result from the fact that the models usually applied for requirements analysis are to abstract as to be easily understood and validated by the business owners, i.e. the end users. In addition to that, validation is often hampered by the fact that traditional modeling approaches do not relate the particular model elements to their corresponding requirements sources. We, therefore, propose an approach that uses a lean and thus more transparent requirements model, which is intermediate in the sense that it has to be mapped, after validation, to one of the traditional conceptual models. Clearly

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