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Information Systems Technology and ist Applications, ISTA' 2005 4th. International Conference, 23. - 25. May 2005, Palmerston North, New Zealand. GI 2005 P-63, 86-100 (2005).

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Roland Kaschek, Heinrich C. Mayr, Stephen Liddle (eds.)

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Providing recommendations in a mobile tourist information system

A. Hinze and S. Junmanee


An advanced mobile tourist information system delivers information about sights and events on a tourists travel route. The system should be personalized in its interaction with the tourist. Data that can be used for personalization are: the tourists interest profile, an analysis of their travel history, and the tourists feedback about sights. Existing mobile information systems for tourists do not tailor their information delivery to the tourists interests. In this paper, we propose the use of personalised recommendations that consider all of the personal information a tourist provides. We adopt and modify techniques from recommender systems to the new application area of mobile tourist information. We propose a number of methods for personalised recommendations; and select a subset of these for implementation. This paper then presents the implemented recommender component of our TIP system for mobile tourist information.

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