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Kommunikation in Verteilten Systemen (KiVS), Kurzbeiträge und Workshop der 14. GI/ITG-Fachtagung 28. Februar bis 3. März 2005 Kaiserslautern. GI 2005 P-61, 207-210 (2005).

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Paul Müller, Reinhard Gotzhein, Jens B. Schmitt (eds.)

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Establishing P2P-overlays for ad hoc networks using provider subscription

Tronje Krop , Martin Kappes and Matthias Hollick


Multi-hop ad hoc networks are envisioned to be an integral part of future mobile networks. Today, however, ad hoc networks lack the necessary resilience and reliability. This work proposes to use P2P routing overlays to enhance the dependability and performance of multi-hop ad hoc networks for devices that are subscribed to a provider.

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