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Testing of Component-Based Systems and Software Quality, Net.Object Days Workshops on Testing of Component-Based Systems (TECOS 2004) and Software Quality (SOQUA 2004), in Erfurt, Germany September 30, 2004. GI 2004 P-58, 125-132 (2004).

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Ksami Beydeda, Volker Gruhn, Johannes Mayer, Ralf Reussner, Franz Schweiggert (eds.)

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Generic environment for full automation of benchmarking

T. Kalibera , L. Bulej and P. Tuma


Regression testing is an important part of software quality assurance. We work to extend regression testing to include regression benchmarking, which applies benchmarking to detect regressions in performance. Given the specific requirements of regression benchmarking, many contemporary benchmarks are not directly usable in regression benchmarking. To overcome this, we present a case for designing a generic benchmarking environment that will facilitate the use of contemporary benchmarks in regression benchmarking, analyze the requirements and propose architecture of such an environment.

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