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Testing of Component-Based Systems and Software Quality, Net.Object Days Workshops on Testing of Component-Based Systems (TECOS 2004) and Software Quality (SOQUA 2004), in Erfurt, Germany September 30, 2004. GI 2004 P-58, 31-45 (2004).

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Ksami Beydeda, Volker Gruhn, Johannes Mayer, Ralf Reussner, Franz Schweiggert (eds.)

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Scenario-based component testing using embedded metadata

M. Strembeck and U. Zdun


We present an approach for the use case and scenario-based testing of software components. Use cases and scenarios are applied to describe the functional requirements of a software system. In our approach, a test is defined as a formalized and executable description of a scenario. Tests are derived from use case scenarios via continuous refinement. The use case and test information can be associated with a software component as embedded component metadata. In particular, our approach provides a model-based mapping of use cases and scenarios to test cases, as well as (runtime) traceability of these links. Moreover, we describe an implementation-level test framework that can be integrated with many different programming languages.

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