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Architekturen, Komponenten, Anwendungen, Proceedings zur 1. Verbundtagung Architekturen, Komponenten, Anwendungen (AKA 2004), Universität Augsburg, 02.03. Dezember 2004 P-57, 43-59 (2004).

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Klaus Turowski (ed.)

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On transaction design for UML components

Sten Loecher


The transaction concept enables the efficient development of concurrent and fault tolerant applications. Transaction services are therefore an essential part of modern component technologies, such as Enterprise JavaBeans, which are used to develop server-side business applications. The container, which is the execution environment of component-based applications, provides the services and uses corresponding configuration information to apply them properly. The required transactional behavior can be specified by using pre-defined configuration attributes. A result of this declarative approach are separate workflows for designing business and transaction logic. In this paper, we argue that existing methods for component-based development lack adequate support for transaction design. We then describe a model-driven process, which is directed towards an integration with the UML components method elaborated by Cheesman and Daniels.

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