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E-Science und Grid Ad-hocNetze Medienintegration, 18. DFN-Arbeitstagung über Kommunikationsnetze, Düsseldorf P-55, 87-96 (2004).

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Jan Von Knop, Wilhelm Haverkamp, Eike Jessen (eds.)

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Prototype implementation of anycast-based service discovery for mobile ad hoc networks

Jidong Wu , Oliver Stanze , Kilian Weniger and Martina Zitterbart


Mobile ad hoc networks are self-organized, and devices in such networks have to locate available services dynamically. We propose to utilize anycast for efficient service discovery. With anycast, requests of service sent by clients can be delivered to the closest service provider. The Ad Hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol is extended to support anycast routing. We present a prototype implementation which demonstrates the application of anycast-based service discovery.

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