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German Conference on Bioinformatics 2004, GCB 2004, October 4-6, 2004, Bielefeld, Germany P-53, 149-155 (2004).

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Robert Giegerich, Jens Stoye (eds.)

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Integrating public databases into an existing protein visualization and modeling program - BRAGI

Guido Dieterich , M. Kvesic , Dietmar Schomburg , Dirk W. Heinz and Joachim Reichelt


BRAGI offers an efficient visual access to sequence alignment information, 3D alignments and annotated protein structure-function correlations. As a new feature we have mapped information from SWISS- PROT and InterPro to individual entries of the PDB. 3D structural alignments from DALI database were converted to XML files for easy access in BRAGI. BRAGI provides interactive access to NCBI-Blast and the DALI server. Linking and visualizing different types of information hopefully allow the structure function of proteins to be appreciated more intuitively. Availability: Cost: Freeware, but you have to sign a license Copyright: GBF Braunschweig and CUBIC Köln, databases by their owners. Some databases have restricted access for commercial usage (e.g. DALI or SWISS- PROT)

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