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On the use of structured P2P indexing mechanisms in mobile ad-hocscenarios

Tobias Heer , Heiko Niedermayer , Leo Petrak , Simon Rieche and Klaus Wehrle


Recently, Distributed Hash Tables evolved to a preferred approach for decentralized data management in widely distributed systems. Due to their crucial characteristics - namely scalability, flexibility, and resilience - they are quite interesting for being applied in ad-hoc networks. But, there are plenty of open questions concerning the applicability of Distributed Hash Tables in mobile ad-hoc scenarios: Do new problems arise when both technologies are used together? - Are there any synergy effects when both technologies are combined? - Are the results and assumptions, made for the infrastructural Internet, still true if a mobile ad-hoc network is used instead? - In this paper, we discuss these and further questions and offer some solutions for using Distributed Hash Tables in ad-hoc networks.

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