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Integration und Datensicherheit- Anforderungen, Konflikte und Perspektiven, Referate der 25. GIL Jahrestagung 8.-10. September 2004 in Bonn, Germany P-49, 359-362 (2004).

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Gerhard Schiefer, Peter Wagner, Marlies Morgenstern, Ursula Rickert (eds.)

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Informationsportale zur Unterstützung wissensintensiverKommunikation - ein Referenzmodell

A. C. Kreuder and G. Schiefer


The increasing exchange of knowledge is characteristic for the growing knowledge intensity of co-operations also within the agri-food sector. This development forms the need for reference-models to ensure the flexible and demand-oriented provision of internet-based information-portals and to support the knowledge communication between the individual members of the co-operation.

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