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Integration und Datensicherheit- Anforderungen, Konflikte und Perspektiven, Referate der 25. GIL Jahrestagung 8.-10. September 2004 in Bonn, Germany P-49, 93-96 (2004).

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Gerhard Schiefer, Peter Wagner, Marlies Morgenstern, Ursula Rickert (eds.)

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Umsetzung von Client-Server-Anwendungen in der Forschung der FAL am Beispiel des Schichtungsprogramms "WFARMIS" und demOnline-Testbetriebsnetz Informationssystem "TESTNET"

Alexander Gocht


The Farm Group Model (FARMIS) is a comparative-static processanalytical model and part of the FAL system of models, which combines several market, regional and farm models for comprehensive policy impact analysis. The main data source of FARMIS is the national or the European FADN1.This paper demonstrates, how the Data Management System for FADN Data in FAL is organized to ensure a secure and convenient data handling either in the case of data access by researchers for individual analysis (TESTNET) or in the case of running the FARM Group Model using the Data-Adapter-Software WFARMIS.

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