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Integration und Datensicherheit- Anforderungen, Konflikte und Perspektiven, Referate der 25. GIL Jahrestagung 8.-10. September 2004 in Bonn, Germany P-49, 41-44 (2004).

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Gerhard Schiefer, Peter Wagner, Marlies Morgenstern, Ursula Rickert (eds.)

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Qualit├Ątsabstimmung ├╝ber die Kette - Anforderungen an ein interorganisationelles Informationssystem

Oliver Poign├ęe , Volker Jahn and Gerhard Schiefer


Businesses of the Agrifood-Sector presently have to face a multitude of demands on safety and quality of their products. These requirements push enterprises towards a closer coordination of their quality production. Information exchange is the most significant enabler for a more intensive, chain-wide collaboration. Inter-organisational information systems (IOS) have the ability to back businesses implementing required information infrastructures. This paper highlights organizational and technological requirements on the development of such IOS.

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GI, Gesellschaft f├╝r Informatik, Bonn
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