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Information Systems Technology and its Applications, 3rd International Conference ISTA'2004, June 15-17, 2004, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA P-48, 151-164 (2004).

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Terry A. Halpin, Stephen W. Liddle, Heinrich C. Mayr Anatoly E. Doroshenko (eds.)

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Retrieval for text stream by random projection

Hirohito Oh'uchi , Takao Miura and Isamu Shioya


In this investigation we discuss powerful yet efficient retrieval mechanism for text stream such as news stream. Difficulty comes from the fact how to manage incremental information while keeping efficiency. Recently random projection has been paid much attention on dynamic dimensionality reduction. Here we show this novel technique is really useful for querying text stream in terms of cost and accuracy. We examine some experimental results and excellent efficiency in computation and memory usage.

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