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Information Systems Technology and its Applications, 3rd International Conference ISTA'2004, June 15-17, 2004, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA P-48, 107-121 (2004).

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Terry A. Halpin, Stephen W. Liddle, Heinrich C. Mayr Anatoly E. Doroshenko (eds.)

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Periodic scheduling in on-demand broadcast system

Nitin Prabhu , Vijay Kumar and Indrakshi Ray


Recent advances in mobile computing have enabled the deployment of broadcast based information systems such as, wireless internet, traffic information systems, etc. These systems are mainly pull-based and their performance very much depends on the broadcast schedule they use. In this paper we focus on on-demand broadcast system. We propose a new ondemand scheduling algorithm that takes scheduling decision at periodic interval, unlike previous algorithms that take decision after broadcasting every data item. This reduces the time client spends monitoring the broadcast channel for data items. We study its behavior with a detailed simulation study and show that our algorithm performs better than the pervious algorithms for on-demand systems.

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