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Information Systems Technology and its Applications, 3rd International Conference ISTA'2004, June 15-17, 2004, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA P-48, 81-92 (2004).

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Terry A. Halpin, Stephen W. Liddle, Heinrich C. Mayr Anatoly E. Doroshenko (eds.)

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Object relational mapping techniques for .Net framework

Anatoliy Doroshenko and Vlad Romanenko


The paper concerns the problem of building an object-relational mapping framework based on the Microsoft .Net platform. The work uses design patterns methodology and proposes to exploit powerful features of .Net as a managed objectoriented platform such as Common Type System, custom attributes and reflection. Such approach facilitates the development, can save efforts and serves as a solid ground for further improvements. An initial implementation of the framework has been developed and successfully used to build a business information system.

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