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Electronic Voting in Europe - Technology, Law, Politics and Society, Workshop of the ESF TED Programme together with GI and OCG, July, 7th-9th, 2004, in Schloß Hofen / Bregenz, Lake of Constance P-47, 111-120 (2004).

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Alexander Prosser, Robert Krimmer (eds.)

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From legal principles to an internet voting system

Melanie Volkamer and Dieter Hutter


Past research on Internet voting has been concentrated on two aspects. First, there are investigations to find the appropriate balance between anonymity and authentication. Second, the impact of the use of Internet voting to legislation has been studied. In this paper we analyze the impact of legislation to the design of a real Internet voting system. We discuss how legal aspects constitute security requirements on a technical level and refine the security requirements on the design level to corresponding security requirements of the resulting system.

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