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Modellierung 2004, Proceedings zur Tagung, 23.-26. März 2004, Marburg, Proceedings. P-45, 59-74 (2004).

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An integrated quality assurance approach for use case based requirements

Christian Denger and Barbara Paech


Since their introduction, use cases (UCs) have become increasingly important for the specification of software requirements. Model driven development approaches like the Rational Unified Process base the whole software life cycle on UCs. Therefore, high quality UCs are a prerequisite for project success. Despite the high importance of their quality, UC driven approaches often lack systematic and integrated quality assurance techniques. Only ad-hoc recommendations, creation guidelines, and a few checklists for inspection are available in the literature. If at all, these techniques are developed and used seperately, so that one class of defects is addressed by several techniques and other classes are not addressed at all. In this paper, we present an integrated approach that combines UC creation guidelines, UC inspections, and simulation in a systematic way. The techniques are combined based on a

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