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Mobile Economy - Transaktionen, Prozesse, Anwendungen und Dienste, Proceedings zum 4. Workshop Mobile Commerce, Universität Augsburg, 2.-3. Februar 2004. P-42, 114-126 (2004).

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Key Pousttchi (ed.), Klaus Turowski (ed.)

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Evaluation framework for a mobile marketing application in 3rd generationnetworks

Franz Lehner , Eva-Maria Sperger and Holger Nösekabel


Testing of a software application serves the accomplishment of two distinct objectives: ensuring functionality and end-user acceptance. However, with an increasing desire for mobility by the society, a new context is influencing application design, programming and testing. Even though methods for designing and implementing PC-based software can be applied to mobile applications and services, testing and evaluation methods do not take the specific characteristics of mobile usage into account. Acceptance and usability issues are especially important for mobile marketing applications, since they should create a positive feedback and added value for the user. Therefore, we suggest an evaluation framework for mobile marketing applications using the newly developed application “V-Card” as an example. V-Card enhances mobile messaging by allowing users to adapt pre-produced multimedia content in a personal way with text, sound and pictures. The marketing aspect is introduced by incorporating a sponsoring model to reduce the costs for sending messages. As a result, the evaluation framework not only aims to measure the perceived added value, but in addition to this the acceptance of advertising.

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