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ARCS 2004 - Organic and Pervasive Computing, Workshops Proceedings, March 26, 2004, Augsburg, Germany. P-41, 338-347 (2004).

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Uwe Brinkschulte (ed.), Jürgen Becker (ed.), Dietmar Fey (ed.), Karl-Erwin Großpietsch (ed.), Christian Hochberger (ed.), Erik Maehle (ed.), Thomas A. Runkler (ed.)

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A distributed SAT solver for microcontroller

Tobias Schubert and Bernd Becker


In this paper we present a parallel prover for the propositional satisfiability problem called PICHAFF. The algorithm is an adaption of the state-of-the-art solver CHAFF optimised for our scalable, dynamically reconfigurable multiprocessor system based on Microchip PIC microcontroller. Like usually in modern SAT solvers it includes lazy clause evaluation, conflict-driven learning, non-chronological backtracking, and clause deletion. A simple but efficient technique called Dynamic Search Space Partitioning is used for dividing the search space into disjoint portions to be treated in parallel by up to 9 processors. Besides explaining of how such a complex algorithm could be implemented on simple microcontroller we also give experimental results demonstrating the potential of the implemented methods.

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GI, Gesellschaft für Informatik, Bonn
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