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INFORMATIK 2003 - Mit Sicherheit Informatik, Schwerpunkt "Sicherheit - Schutz und Zuverlässigkeit", 29. September - 2. Oktober 2003 in Frankfurt am Main. P-36, 45-56 (2003).

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Rüdiger Grimm (ed.), Hubert B. Keller (ed.), Kai Rannenberg (ed.)

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Internet under threat: simulation of survivability with INESS

Wolfgang Fischer , Niels Lepperhoff and Angelika Volst


There are several studies analysing the Internet's topology to obtain insights into the consequences of disturbances. But concentrating on topology misses the point that the Internet's survivability depends on the relationship of topology, capacity and traffic. Using the INESS simulation model we compare several disturbances of Internet exchange points to reveal the consequences for the survivability of the Internet. We classify disturbances in the aggregated Internet Exchange Points (IX) Frankfurt, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Miami, San Francisco, San Francisco \& Los Angeles together, and Tokyo along two dimensions: packet loss and the number other of significantly hampered Internet exchange points. Two important phenomena of disturbances in networks are revealed: the “remote effect” (“Fernwirkung”) and the “Janus face”.

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