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INFORMATIK 2003 - Mit Sicherheit Informatik, Schwerpunkt "Sicherheit - Schutz und Zuverlässigkeit", 29. September - 2. Oktober 2003 in Frankfurt am Main. P-36, 21-32 (2003).

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Critical information infrastructure protection in Norway

Kjell Olav Nystuen and Janne Merete Hagen


This paper outlines the position of a new project with focus on the vulnerability of critical information infrastructures in Norway. The Critical Infrastructure Protection Studies at FFI have uncovered vulnerabilities in telecommunications, electric power supply and transport. Society's dependency on information and communication technology and information infrastructure is also underlined. To some extent, vulnerability within the sectored information infrastructures has also been studied. Knowledge gained from these studies has been in much demand and it has proven very useful for the authorities. The Norwegian government has issued made several White Papers based on this work. Due to the successful research as well as to weaknesses in existing regimes for critical information infrastructure protection, FFI plans to continue such research, with greater emphasis on high-level threats.

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